Sneaker season March 23, 2022 – Posted in: DEBLOG

Ended soon

Sneaker Season!

In 2022, the trend in sneakers goes back to its roots. Sports sneakers whose comfort and function are paramount will be combined this year with fashionable colors, details and beautiful materials.

This year we will wear sporty models that give us great comfort! The sneakers have a unique look and you can wear it sporty under jeans or combine it with a casual dress. The Lilou and Charlie sneakers are a real essential that you can combine with every outfit. The sneakers are handmade in Portugal. Each part of the shoe is stitched by hand. The materials are taken from different regions in Portugal, so we always have the best quality!

It’s all about the details. An extra nice detail is that the Charlie sneakers is executed with striking Mesh textile on the nose, tongue and side part of the shoe. We have chosen for this, because it gives an extra sporty look to the shoe. For the Lilou sneakers we have chosen to work with a finer mesh and suede details. The suede trend of this season can not be missed in our collection and therefore you see it back in more of our shoes.

It is clear that we can never have enough sneakers. Are you like us excited about the sneakers? Then this is the moment to expand your shoe collection. Shop your favorite sneakers now!